Stablecoins and cryptocurrencies tied to fiat assets have become very popular lately. They act as a tempting asset that reduces price volatility by being tied to traditional assets. USDT or US Dollar Tether is a clear example and, at the moment, the most popular stablecoin.

In this guide we will review the best Tether casinos, because there is a great offer available. Finding the right one can be difficult, but we review the best ones, track down the most attractive bonuses and round up the best sites for you to choose from.

We take it upon ourselves to review the latest and greatest games, the best USDT bonuses, and the best and most respected casinos that take stablecoins.


Our team has years of experience in cryptocurrency betting. We have played in the best and the worst casinos. Therefore, rest assured that our opinion is accurate, thorough and current. Go read our reviews and find the best USDT casino that brings you your crypto fortune.


What makes gambling with USDT so much fun? Let’s see, where do we start? Well, the positive is that we know what we are talking about because we know the answer to that question.

Its most important benefit over other cryptocurrencies is the fact that it is tied to fiat assets in its price. You always know that USDT is worth a dollar, so you can track the exact value of your bet at all times.

Likewise, with those progressive jackpots looking so good, it’s nice to know exactly what they’re worth when you hit them. In other cryptocurrencies you may more or less estimate how much it is. But when you win at Tether casinos, you know that it is worth exactly the same as the dollar.

So why are they superior to traditional fiat betting?

Transaction times are much faster, so your USDT is paid to you without high fees when you want to withdraw it. With traditional dollars there will be intermediaries, checks and it will take time to get your money, with USDT you know you will get it and you can verify its trajectory in the blockchain.

You can also ensure anonymity. Playing at Tether casinos you can choose how much information you give to the operators. Unlike the traditional game, there are no extensive data checks. It’s your free time and you don’t have to worry about a company selling your personal data.

Security is also a primary factor in the success of USDT. By using the Ethereum blockchain, Tether has one of the most untouchable networks in the industry. There may be some scaling issues, but they hardly dent its myriad benefits.


OK, so you don’t know what Tether does, or maybe you don’t even know why to bet with cryptocurrencies. Don’t worry! We are here to help you, just like all the casino operators we have reviewed.

The first thing you have to do is find an exchange. There you can buy USDT in exchange for other cryptocurrencies or for fiat alternatives. Fortunately, Tether is on the Ethereum, Bitcoin, and EOS blockchains, among others. So, if you have a favorite, you can choose it.

Once you find an exchange that is comfortable for you, follow the instructions and pocket your USDT.

The next thing is to build your cryptographic wallet to store your Tether safely. Look for some reputable physics (cold calling) for the long haul, such as Ledger. If not, look for a virtual wallet for quick and easy access in the short term.

It is not recommended to keep your funds in any exchange for a long time, as they can be hacked and you could lose your crypto.

Wallet, ready. USDT, ready. Now you can jump right into the casino and start betting.


Every punter expects something different from a casino. Fortunately, there are many different ones on the market and we can help you find the ideal one for you. So for your USDT bets you should consider these factors: Every gambler wants something slightly different from their casino. Luckily, there’s so many out there that we can find the one for you. So, if your new to USDT gambling, here’s what to keep an eye out for:

  • What bonuses do they have? We believe that the games are the most important thing, but the bonuses are very close in priority. For every USDT you wager, you want to maximize what the casino pays you back in free crypto. Having a diverse range of bonuses in one place, all with different requirements, is always a good sign.
  • Do you have customer support? If the answer is no, look elsewhere. The most reputable Tether casinos will not only help you get started, they will also make it easy for you to access the latest offers and promotions. It’s much better if you have real-time chat and email options.
  • Are you at a reputable Tether casino? Always do your own research when playing at a crypto casino. See what other people are saying on forums and review sites like ours. They may seem kind and generous, but it could be a mirage. Only use professional casinos with a proven reputation on a large scale, like the ones we recommend here.
  • How are the games? Some bettors only look for the usual cloth games and slots. Others may be looking for new concepts and innovative games on a weekly basis. In Tether casinos you will find all kinds of quality variants. Find the developers you like the most. Then, check if they have the themes and genres of your choice, and then get playing!


Tether (USDT) casinos offer all kinds of bonuses. They can be welcome or deposit bonuses. They could also show up as free spins on slots, refund of losses or points on leaderboards, for example.

Thus, to maximize your Tether and achieve high profits, you have to find the easiest way. This is only possible by reviewing the terms and conditions.

Many cryptocurrency casinos can dazzle you with glittering numbers. Often, they will be impossible to get. You’ll want to go for ones with clear and easy rules, low requirements and achievable goals.


You need to do your research before betting online. The security of your funds is essential to enjoy a good gaming experience. We don’t want you to be playing in a casino that ends up running away with your money, so follow our basic rules.

Do your own research. If the Tether casinos you review are third party reviewed – in technical and corporate terms – they will generally be fine. If they are licensed by respected regulators, it is even safer.

All those features add to the security of your game, but also to your fun. A casino is worthwhile as long as it offers good bonuses, games and good customer service. If any of them are mediocre, they can affect your experience negatively. Fortunately for you, the casinos reviewed here cover all those aspects.

USDT tends to have a good reputation for use in casinos. There have been some issues with regulators, but they are a long way from impacting cryptocurrency casinos. Also, remember that betting on the blockchain is much better than betting with fiat.


This is an excellent question and doesn’t always have a straight answer. The first would be: Yes, they are legal, but…

The but lies in your age (you must meet the age requirements of the casino and your region) and that your country must allow online and cryptocurrency gambling.

Most countries still don’t have clear rules for Tether casinos, but the operators will let you know if your region is geolocation blocked.

If online casinos are legal in your area, you will surely be playing legally. In any case, as with the security of each site, you should do your own research on your particular case.

In short, it is up to you to find out if you can play or not, but the best casinos will guide you. Follow our reviews, use common sense when playing Tether casinos and good luck!

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